The Pros And Cons Of Day Treatment In Burnsville, MN

Day treatment in Burnsville, MN, also called partial hospitalization programs, are programs typically used to help treat those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse issues. A day treatment program allows an individual who is stable to seek treatment from the facility in the day, but go home to their family and their own home and night. If you are considering this type of a program for a loved one, but are not sure if it is right for them, learning about the pros and cons and speaking with your loved ones doctors can help you decide. Here are some of the pros and cons of day treatment in Burnsville, MN. Cons of Day Treatment in Burnsville, MN: Releasing Someone From a Controlled Environment Can Have Negative Consequences- One of the downsides to day treatment is that releasing someone from a controlled environment can have negative consequences. For example, someone who is in such a program for substance abuse may relapse as soon as they go home. When a patient is in treatment full time, they are in a controlled environment until they complete treatment. Someone in this type of program has not completed treatment yet, which may not be beneficial for all patients. It May Be Stressful or Straining to the Family: The second disadvantage to this type of treatment is that the family living with the patient in the program may find that this is stressful or straining for them. Because the patient has yet to complete treatment, many family members feel like they need to keep a more watchful eye on their loved one. For many people, having their loved one live outside of the house while they get the help they need is challenging, but slightly less stressful than having to partially care or look after that person themselves. Pros of Day Treatment in Burnsville, MN: Many Patients Prefer Day Treatment- One of the biggest advantages to day treatment is that patients prefer it to inpatient care. It can be stressful on someone going through a challenging time in their life to have to live in a strange facility with strange people and other patients. Most prefer to be at home in their bed with their loved ones surrounding them. Day treatment allows them to get the help they need in the day, while allowing them to still get the comfort of home and love from friends and family in the evenings. Cost- While no one wants to select a treatment regime based solely on cost, it is a fact of life that cost plays a role in the decision making process. Often times, insurance policies won't pay for all of the costs associated with an treatment centers. As such, the financial burden falls on the family. Day treatment is a bit cheaper than inpatient treatment, which may help to make treatment for your loved one affordable or even achievable. Helps a Patient Slowly Acclimate to Regular Life- The last benefit to day treatment is that it helps a patient acclimate back into their regular life. Going from their home directly into a live in treatment facility and back to their home can be jarring for a patient. They may not know how to use the tools they learned in the live in facility in their real life, which can cause them to relapse. With day treatment, a patient has the ability to acclimate back into their regular life after they have stabilized, while still getting the treatment, support and help they need. If they are struggling, they can ask for help at their appointments. This can help a patient successfully overcome addiction or avoid being overcome by their mental illness.